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إدارة الأعمال ونظم المعلومات

Business Administration and Information System Department presents two majors :-
1-    Business Administration
2-    Information System

First: Majoring in Business Administration:-
All human activities need to be managed. Most people are involved in the managerial process, that we can say there is no more essential and dynamic field to either study or practice like management.
Management as science and art has had a long history, since the existence of the first human group. Now a massive revolution is changing the rules of management, a number of factors are fueling this revolution; for example, globalization has a radical impact on two main disciplines : engineering and management, besides, societies complexities and problems, technological innovation and information revolution.
To cope with this revolution and to gain its utmost benefits, business administration department has been established in Cairo higher Institute.

Second Majoring in: Information System:-
Management Information system or Information System is the field that occupies the space where management and technology overlap. Advances in computer and communication technology over the past several years as Well as increased business pressures have brought management information system out of the shadows of corporate life and enter the limelight.
The growing role of information- as a key organizational resource- has made the study of Inf. System vital to anyone contemplating a career in business. Virtually, most  employees and all managers today need to manipulate information as part of their jobs. By studying the processes that cause information to be needed, gathered, manipulated, stored and used, these people can develop strategies and tools to make themselves or their organizations more effective and more efficient.
Accordingly, the department of management and information system in Cairo Higher Institute For Computer, Information, and Management offers Information System as a major beside majoring in Business Administration to present whatever the student should know about information system field. It comprehensivelly, presents courses that cover the use of the information system within organizations today, supplies students with timely information, provides the most developed methods to use information and generates student capabilities to be able to play a role in creating competitive advantages for the organizations will work for after graduation

المواد الدراسية

أهداف المعهد

  • إعداد مواطنين أكفاء مؤهلين علمياً و فكرياً لأداء واجبهم فى خدمة بلدهم و النهوض بأمتهم .
  • القيام بدور ايجابى فى ميدان البحث العلمى الذى يسهم فى مجال التقدم العالمى فى العلوم والمخترعات وايجاد الحلول السليمة الملائمة لمتطلبات الحياة المتطوره واتجاهات التكنولوجيا .
  • إعداد خريج قادر على التعامل مع تحديات وتكنولوجيا العصر .
  • إعداد خريج قادر على المنافسة فى سوق العمل المحلية والعالمية .


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